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 The Ultimate Armwrestling League

Mile High ArmSports -  Proud Affiliate of the UAL

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Northeast Armwrestling Board

Rocky Mountain State Games Armwrestling Championships 

Presented by the Rocky Mountain State Games,
Colorado Sports Corp, and Mile High ArmSports

Official Affiliated event of the UAL.

Hosted by Chapel Hills Mall. Colorado Springs, CO

States Represented (4): CO, MT, CA, MD.
Kids/Teens entries: 24, Adult entries: 77.
Total entries: 101.



Sub-Junior Boys
7-9 Right: Hunter Brinklow, Luca Rivera, Dominic Rivera.
7-9 Left: Hunter Brinklow, Luca Rivera, Dominic Rivera.

Junior Boys Right (13-18 years old)
122-132: Anthony Flores
144-154: Jonathan Penrose, Robert Penrose, Anthony Flores.
166-176: Jonathan Penrose, CJ Lettau, Robert Penrose.

Junior Boys Left (13-18 years old)
144-154: Jonathan Penrose, Robert Penrose.
166-176: Christopher Flores, Jonathan Penrose, CJ Lettau.

Junior Girls (13-18 years old)
Open Right: Dakota Perrin, Hailie Brinklow, Tiara Cisneros.
Open Left: Hailie Brinklow, Dakota Perrin, Tiara Cisneros.

Women's Open Right: Leslie Wuerflein, Hannah Ford.

Men's Novice Right
0-154: Jonathan Penrose, Louis Caleca, Cody Perkins, Sergio Flores.
155-176: James Pisani, Bobby Gallegos, Brandon Perkins, Lewis Schilling.
177-198: Stephen Van Duyne, Artem Gorbenko, JC Pienta, Steven Esworthy Jones.
199-242: Kirill Zibrov, Chris Davis, Travis Cartmell, Bryan Volkmann.
243+: Paul Martinez, Russell Kiss, Garlin Brinklow, Jared Morales.
Men's Novice Left
0-154: Cody Perkins, Louis Caleca, Sergio Flores.
155-176: Bobby Gallegos, Joe Ghanem.
177-198: Stephen Van Duyne, JC Pienta, Paul McCaleb.
199-242: Chris Davis, Bryan Volkmann, Brent Jeppson.
243+: Paul Martinez, Dustin Yochum, Russell Kiss, James Strain.

Men's Open Right
0-154: Brent Norris, Issac Luna, Louis Caleca, Cody Perkins.
155-176: Justin Kaufman, Viet Nugyen, Stan Karapetyan.
177-198: Artem Gorbenko, Stephen Van Duyne.
199-242: Leland Driggs, Jason Perrin, Kirill Zibrov.
243+: Jason Perrin, Paul Martinez, James Strain.

Men's Open Left
0-154: Issac Luna, Cody Perkins.
155-176: Justin Kaufman, James Pisani, Stan Karapetyan.
177-198: Stephen Van Duyne, JC Pienta.
199-242: Jason Perrin, Pete Snow, Leland Driggs.
243+: Jason Perrin, Paul Martinez, James Strain.

Men's Master's Right
155-176: James Pisani, Ken Penrose.
177-198: Ken Penrose, Rory Jeppson.

Men's Master's Left
155-176: Ken Penrose, James Pisani.
177-198: Pete Snow, Ken Penrose.

Match of the day Kids/Teens:  Dominic Rivera vs. Luca Rivera.
Match of the day Adults: Stephen Van Duyne vs. JC Pienta.

Men’s Right Overall – Leland Driggs
Men’s Left Overall – Justin Kaufman
Women’s Right Overall – Lesley Wuerflein

Upcoming Mile High ArmSports Events

2014 Colorado State Pro/Am
Armwrestling Championships

Saturday, 18 October 2014

2014 Colorado State Tournament

Presented by Mile High ArmSports, member of the United States Armwrestling Federation, affiliate of the Ultimate Armwrestling League

UAL-affiliated event
To be held at:
Eck's Saloon
(website plays music...)
9890 West Girton Drive
Lakewood, CO 80227
Google Map It!
Eck's Saloon

Cash Prizes for Pro Class Winners!!!!!
Awards to 1st-2nd Place in All Classes!!!!!
Overall Awards to Men's Right, Men's Left, Women's Right Champions!!!!!

Tournament Directors: Jeff Ames (505-288-9286), Rick Cisneros (720-530-8849), Travis Berggren (785-643-9136). Directors reserve the right to determine competitor eligibility.

Entry fees:
Adults - $20, Kids/Teens - $10

Tournaments guidelines and policies:
- All competitors & spectators must be stamped at the door. All minors must leave premises by 9:00 PM
- Competitors under age 18 must have parents or legal guardians present to sign release form.
- Competitors who have placed top four at the AAA, USAA, USAF Nationals, International or World events and/or have accepted prize money may be ineligible for Amateur divisions. Competitors who have won two or more tournaments with four or more in their class are ineligible for Novice divisions.

Weight Classes:

Kids/Teens RIGHT:
Boys/girls ages 0-4
Boys/girls ages 5-6
Girls ages 7-9, Boys ages 7-9
Girls ages 10-12, Boys ages 10-12
Girls ages 13-15, Boys ages 13-15
Girls ages 16-18, Boys ages 16-18

0-154, 155-176, 177-198, 199-242, 243+

Men's Amateur RIGHT/LEFT:
0-154, 155-176, 177-198, 199-242, 243+

Men's Master's RIGHT/LEFT (Over 40):
0-198, 199+

Women's Pro RIGHT:

Women's Amateur RIGHT:
0-143, 144+

Women's Open LEFT:
0-143, 144+