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Northeast Armwrestling Board

2014 Colorado State
Armwrestling Championships

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Presented by Mile High ArmSports,
Official Affiliated organization of the Ultimate Armwrestling League

UAL-affiliated event
Held at:
Eck's Saloon
(website plays music...)
9890 West Girton Drive
Lakewood, CO 80227
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Eck's Saloon

Keith Powers 2014 Hall of Fame Video!!

There are some additional photos and videos, as well as full brackets posted on the
Mile High ArmSports Facebook page.


States Represented:

Countries Represented:
U.S.A., Russia

156 Total Entries:
17 kids/teens
8 women
20 masters
67 men's amateurs
44 men's opens

Kids/Teens RIGHT:
Boys/girls ages 0-4: (no entries)
Boys/girls ages 5-6: (3 entries) Xander Driggs, Houston Yochum, Synistyr Strain
Girls ages 7-9: (no entries)
Boys ages 7-9: (3 entries) Hunter Brinklow, Aaron Driggs, Eli Huskey

Girls ages 10-12: (2 entries) Hailie Brinklow, Gabby Driggs
Boys ages 10-12: (2 entries) Austin Driggs, Hunter Brinklow

Girls ages 13-15: (2 entries) Hailie Brinklow, Tierra Cisneros
Boys ages 13-15: (2 entries) Robert Penrose, Austin Driggs

Girls ages 16-18: (no entries)
Boys ages 16-18: (3 entries) CJ Letau, Jonathan Penrose, Nick Desplinter

Men's Open RIGHT:
0-154: (3 entries) Issac Luna, Cody Perkins, Louis Caleca
155-176: (3 entries) Justin Kaufman, Viet Nguyen, Stan Karapetyan
177-198: (6 entries) Kirill Zibrov, John Huskey, Larry Ermini
199-242: (6 entires) Corey Miller, Chris Kaufman, Leland Driggs
243+: (5 entries) Jason Perrin, Chris Kaufman, Tony Thomlison

Men's Open LEFT:
0-154: (3 entries) Issac Luna, Cody Perkins, Louis Caleca
155-176: (4 entries) Justin Kaufman, Stan Karapetyan, James Pisani
177-198: (3 entries) Larry Ermini, Paul McCaleb, Stephen Van Dyne
199-242: (7 entries) Chris Kaufman, Corey Miller, Leland Driggs
243+: (4 entries) Jason Perrin, Chris Kaufman, Tony Thomlison

Men's Amateur RIGHT
0-154: (6 entries) Joe Stinebuck, Jonathan Penrose, Gerlad Guzman
155-176: (12 entries) Bob Good, James Pisani, Bob Keller
177-198: (8 entries) Josh Gerstberger, Viet Nguyen, Michael Davies
199-242: (7 entries) Michael Lonnee, Pete Snow, John Ritter
243+: (8 entries) Leland Driggs, Blake Horr, Leonard Michand

Men's Amateur LEFT

0-154: (4 entries) Jonathan Penrose, Joe Stinebuck, Louis Caleca
155-176: (5 entries) James Pisani, Bob Keller, Nikita Gold
177-198: (8 entries) JC Pienta, Josh Gerstberger, Justin Liuzzi
199-242: (4 entries) Pete Snow, Kristopher Baker, Victor Gonzales
243+: (5 entries) Tony Thomlison, Leonard Michand, Russell Kiss

Men's Master's RIGHT (Over 40):
0-198: (4 entries) Emlyn Williams, John Huskey, Bob Keller
199-242: (2 entries) Rich Simpson, Kristopher Baker
243+: (2 entries) Travis Berggren, Victor Gonzales

Men's Master's LEFT (Over 40):
0-176: (4 entries) James Pisani, Ken Penrose, Jim Wright
177-198: (4 entries) Jim Wright, Ken Penrose, John Huskey
199-242: (2 entries) Rich Simpson, Kristopher Baker
243+: (2 entries) Travis Berggren, Ken Penrose

Women's Open RIGHT:
OPEN: Margie Ciaccio

Women's Amateur RIGHT:
0-143: (2 entries) Nandi Xie, Tierra Cisneros
144+: (2 entries) Krista Snow, Jennifer McNess

Women's Open LEFT:
0-143: (3 entries) Krista Snow, Nandi Xie, Tierra, Cisneros
144+: (no entries)

Men's Right Overall - Corey Miller
Men's Left Overall - Justin Kaufman
Women's Right Overall - Margie Ciaccio
2014 CO Hall of Fame - Keith Powers

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2015 Rocky Mountain State Games
Armwrestling Championships

18 July 2015
Colorado Springs, CO

Details to come.
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